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Works By Year


  • King's Stone, for Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Piano, op.130

  • Remember, for 6 voices, op.129

  • Something begins to emerge, for solo piano, op.128

  • With the warbler for a soul, for flute and harp, op.127

  • Why? , for Trombone and Piano, op.126

  • Sometime in Spring, for Trio cl. trb. pno, op.125,1

  • Sometime in Spring, for Trio cl. bsn. pno, op.125

  • Explosion, for electronics, visual effects & text, op.124​


  • The stormless breaths of gentle winds, for 2 flutes, op.123

  • Transmission from Proxima B,  for Trombone and electronics, op.122

  • Brass Quintet No 2, op.121

  • Θα πρέπει να αναπτύξεις φτερά, για φωνή, πιάνο και ηλεκτρονικά, op.120

  • Δύο Ελληνικά τραγούδια, op.119

  • Solo Duo, for Solo Piano and Piano four Hands, op.118

  • Come, O come, divinest shell, Solo Horn, op.117


  • Echotopio,  for large Symphonic Orchestra, ​op.115 

  • Shadow Sister, for Electronics, ​op.114

  • Missa, for Solo Organ, ​op.113


  • Two Songs by Emily  Dickinson Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower/Heart we will forget him!, ​op.112

  • Soundverse,  for large Symphonic Orchestra, ​op.111 

  • ABD, Particles II, for solo Marimba, ​op.110

  • Celestial Colors, for Flute and Vibraphone, ​op.109

  • Particles, for solo bassoon, op.108

  • Brass Quintet No 2, op.107 


  • Genesis, for solo piano, op.106

  • Knocks, for solo Double Bass, op.105

  • Keras, for Solo Horn no II, op.104

  • Orion the hunter, for large Symphonic Orchestra, op.103

  • Memories from Corfu, for Trumpet and piano, op.102

  • Quartet No 4,  for string Quartet, op.101

  • Brass Quintet No 1, op.100

  • 3 Pieces, for Piano (Four Hands), op.99


  • Duets and trios, for Horns, op.98

  • Chlidren songs, for piano and children choir, op.97

  • A Leaf, for soprano coloratura and piano, op.96 

       Poems of Peter O’Leary Collection “Tides of the Heart”​

  • Ancient Echoes, for saxophone and piano, op.95

  • Seven pictures, for solo piano, op.94

  • Not Born Not Dead, for solo viola, op.93

  • Three songs, Poems of Peter O’Leary Collection “Tides of the Heart”, op.92


  • Wind Quintet, op.91

  • Three Zen Poems and Three Postludes, for solo harpsichord, op.90

  • Kelados, for Flute and clarinet, op.89

  • Anarrossis, for Flute. Oboe, Cello, Piano and Soprano, op.88


  • Opera Plutos, for orchestra (in progress), op.87

  • Piano quartet in D, for Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello, op.86

  • Hoffnung, for Soprano, Piano and Cello, op.85

  • Monologue,  for Solo Euphonium, op.84


  • Kreko, for solo piano, op.83



  • Ialemos, for Solo Horn, op.80

  • Thyme, for 23 Performers, op.79

  • Emotios II, for Piano Quartet, op.78


  • Gazing into the infinity, for String Quartet, op.77

  • Intermezzi, for seven instruments: Horn, Trumpet, Percussion one player, Piano, Violin, Violoncello, Contrabass, op.76

  • Phlyax, for Solo Violoncello No 2, op.75

  • Three Zen poems, for Solo Violin, op.74


  • Five Thoughts and Feelings, for Saxophone and Piano, op.73

  • Sappho: Hymn To Aphrodite, for Orchestra and Soprano Coloratura​, op.72

  • Landscapes, for Large Orchestra, op.71


  • Following the Stream,  for Eight Instruments: Oboe, Clarinet Bb, Horn, Trumpet,       Percussion one player, Piano, Violin, Violoncello, op.70

  • Erota Si, for Choir and Piano, op.69

  • Concerto n.3, for Piano, String Orchestra and Percussion, op.68

  • All But Nothing, Japanese Poetry, for Mezzo Soprano, Alto and Piano, op.67

  • Your Sad and Funny Face…ΙΙ, for  Saxophone Quartet, op.66

  • Your Sad and Funny Face…Ι, for Violoncello and Piano, op.65

  • Trio, for Violin, Saxophone and Piano, op.64


  • Emotions, for Flute, Clarinet Bb, Piano, Violin, Violoncello, op.63

  • Anamneses, for Violin and Guitar, op.62

  • Pindar's Hymns, for Lyric Soprano, Mixed Choir and Orchestra, op.61

  • Koan, Microtonal Music, Electroacoustic Tape, op.60

  • Pop Sonata, for Saxophone and Piano, op.59


  • Stillness, Concerto for Saxophone and String Orchestra                                                    Stillness n.2, for Saxophone, Violin and Piano, op.58

  • Four Songs, for Mezzo Soprano and Guitar, Poems by Kavafi, Xakuin, Musu, op.57


  • Songs, for Mezzo Soprano and Piano, op.56

  • A Journey and A Dream, for Chamber Orchestra, op.55

  • Pop Cocktail, for String Quartet, op.54


  • Ithimvos, for Solo Violoncello, op.53

  • Ratios, for Solo Piano, op.52

  • Visions Of Time, for Violoncello and Piano, op.51


  • Three Pieces, for Solo Violin, op.50

  • Contrapunto Greco, for Quintet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn), op.49


  • Function Oriental, for Two Pianos, op.48

  • Corfu, for Violin and Guitar, op.47

  • Haikufor Violin and Guitar, op.46

  • Echoplasmatafor Violin and Piano, op.45


  • Once Upon A Time On Earth, Piano Concerto, op.44

  • Sea Colors, for Three Guitars, op.43


  • Reflections, for Two Pianos, op.42


  • Self Similar, for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Basson, Horn, Percussion, Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello, op.41

  • Atlantis, for Large Orchestra, op.40


  • Arrangements, for Clarinet, Horn, Violoncello, op.39

  • Contracanti, for Brass Quintet, op.38


  • Three Short Piano Pieces, Status, Dialogue, Seven, op.37


  • Invisible Arrows, Electroacoustic, op.36

  • Rapresentazionifor Violin and Piano, op.35


  • Clarities, for 15 performers, op.34

  • Alliotropies, for Two Guitars, op.33

  • Four Children Pictures, for Solo Piano, op.32


  • Undulations, for Two Pianos, op.31

  • Iulos, for Solo Flute, op.30

  • Night Full Of Sounds, for Flute, Viola, Guitar, op.29

  • Dreams, for Trombone and Piano, op.28


  • Chalkiopi, for Brass Trio, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, op.27

  • Three Songs, for Soprano Coloratura, Poems by Lida Vendoura, op.26

  • Contrasts, for String Quartet, op.25

  • Jugen, Piano Concerto, op.24


  • Pettia, for 7 performers, op.23

  • Dimensions n.2, for Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass, op.22

  • Dimensions n.1, for Solo Piano, op.21


  • Anaplasis, for Chamber Orchestra, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Quartet, op.20

  • Echocolors, for Solo Guitar, op.19

  • Imogi, for Violoncello and Piano, op.18

  • Silence In Movement, for Large Orchestra, op.17

  • Barrier, for 15 performers, op.16

  • Wails Of Jerome, for Choir and String Orchestra, op.15

  • With The Stream Of The Nile, for Solo Piano,  op.14


  • Three Pieces For Wind Quartet, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, op.13

  • Light Traces, Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra op.12

  • Sandana, for Two Guitars, op.11

  • A to Z, for Solo Guitar, op.10

  • Complex, for 10 Horns and 6 Percussionists, op.9


  • The Two Pyramids, for Large Orchestra, op.8


  • Dionisian Trio, for Flute, Clarinet, Pianoop.7

  • Three Pieces For Solo Guitar, Sholion, Antihiseis, Morning, op.6

  • Tetraktis, for Solo Guitar, op.5


  • Astral Travel, for Solo Guitar, op.4


  • The Dance Of The Couroi, for Piano and Clarinet, op.3

  •  Eklaktismafor Solo Piano, op.2


  • 8 SongsPoems by:  I.Ritsos, for baritone-flute-piano-cello

Nietzsche, a) for soprano-basso-flute-clarinnet-piano                                                                                      b) for tenor-clarinet- 2 violins-percussion                                                                                          

Pan Mo Hova, for alto-piano

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