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  • 2015, Two Songs by Emily  Dickinson, Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower/Heart we will forget him!, ​op.112

  • 2013, Chlidren songs, for piano and children choir, op.97

  • 2013, A Leaf, for soprano coloratura and piano, Poems of Peter O’Leary Collection “Tides of the Heart”​, op.96

  • 2013, Three songs, Poems of Peter O’Leary Collection “Tides of the Heart”, op.92

  • 2011, Hoffnung, for Soprano, Piano and Cello, op.85

  • 2008, Thyme, Poem by Ancient Greek Poet Archilochos, for 23 Performers, for Solo Soprano,  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet Bb also Bass Clarinet, Bassoon also Contrabassoon, Horn in F/Bb, Trumpet in C, Trombone Percussion I, Percussion II, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Violins 1-6, Violas 1-2, Violoncellos 1-2, Contrabass, op.79

  • 2005, Sappho: Hymn To Aphrodite, for Orchestra and Soprano Coloratura​, op.72

  • 2004, Erota Si, for Choir and Piano, op.69

  • 2004, All But Nothing, Japanese Poetry, for Mezzo Soprano, Alto and Piano, op.67

  • 2003, Pindar's Hymns, for Lyric Soprano, Mixed Choir and Orchestra, op.61

  • 2002, Four Songs, for Mezzo Soprano and Guitar, Poems by Kavafi, Xakuin, Musu, op.57

  • 2001, Songs, for Mezzo Soprano and Piano, Poems by Odysseus Elytis, op.56

  • 1989, Three Songs, for Soprano Coloratura, Poems by Lida Vendoura, op.26

  • 1987, Wails Of Jerome, for Choir and String Orchestra, op.15

  • 1981, 8 Songs, Poems by:  I.Ritsos, for baritone-flute-piano-cello Nietzsche, a) for soprano-basso-flute-clarinnet-piano b) for tenor-clarinet- 2 violins-percussion, Pan Mo Hova, for alto-piano             

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