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 Spiros Mazis' works are available on CDs: 

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The stormless breaths of gentle winds,

for two flutes (Phasma Music)

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Celestial colours, for flute and vibraphon (Phasma Music)

Iulos, for solo flute (Sarton Records)

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Five Thoughts and Feelings, 

for Saxophone and Piano (Acroasis records)


Sea colors, for guitar trio

Kelados, for flute and clarinet (Ablaze Records)

Seven Pictures, for solo piano 

A leaf, for Soprano and Piano (Mirror records)

10 Dimensions AEB-160, 

for large orchestra (Ablaze records)

Four Children Pictures, 

for solo Piano (Municipality of Corfu)

The album is the production of the Municipality of Corfu, on the occasion of the EU Countries Members Summit, in June 1994 in Corfu.

 Publications of Spiros Mazis are available on: 

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