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Title: 10 Dimensions-AEB 160

Year Composed: 2009

Duration: 8:30


KELADOS IN D,  for Flute and Clarinet


Publisher :

Year Composed :  2012

Duration : 8:30 min.

Soloist : flute, clarinet


Programme Note


Kelados (ancient Greek word) means: a noise as of rushing waters, loud noise, screaming, agitation (Aeschylus), and musical sound (Euripides).

Also, loud clear voice, as of an oracle (Pindar).

The work describes all these contrasting emotional tones. It is written in one of the multiharmonic, multispectral modes that I have devised and use.

The specific modes are based upon new formations of sounds beyond the 8va, and consist of much smaller intervals of a semitone.


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